Salt Lake County Water Supply Continues to Dwindle

Use Water Efficiently

Utah is one of the driest states in the nation; however, Utah consumes the most amount of water. Water is essential for our community to accomplish daily activities such as cooking, washing, showering, etc., but also to maintain and preserve a healthy, aesthetically pleasing community and a balanced environment. Consequently, water conservation is crucial, and efficient water use must be part of our daily lifestyle.

South Jordan City purchases 100% of its culinary water from Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District (JVWCD). As shown in Figure 1, South Jordan delivered a total of 15,029 acre-feet of water to residents in 2012. This number is comparatively larger than the deliveries in 2011 due to high temperatures in the spring, little rainfall, new development and construction, and population growth. In Figure 2, we see that water deliveries in 2013 are just below water demands in 2012. The city, however, expects to see an increase in water demand due to the heat waves that have been seen in the valley this year.

Figure 1. South Jordan City Water Purchases from JVWCD (Cumulative)

Figure 2. South Jordan City Water Purchases from JVWCD (Monthly Deliveries)

According to JVWCD, water demand is projected to increase in the next 10 to 15 years due to population growth and new development. The increase in water demand will require everyone to make more of an effort to conserve water. Mandatory outdoor watering restrictions are likely to take place next year if drought conditions do not improve and if the water level of the reservoirs does not increase. Water conservation is vital to ensuring we have the water we need. 

The City has been proactively seeking another water source for our community such, as reclamation of contaminated ground water and gray water, conversion of low-quality agricultural water and, importation of water from outside the county. Although all these are good culinary water sources, the initial cost associated to treat and transport the water from one point to another has not been economically feasible.

Growth and economic development in South Jordan takes place daily, giving our residents an opportunity to become a model in water conservation. Our goal as a City is to conserve and use water the best possible way in order to meet the State goal of reducing water use per capita by 25% by the year 2025.

Our water demand increase daily, but our water sources are limited. We need to come together and take an active approach in our homes and businesses to use water efficiently and encourage water conservation in our community.