Save water. save money.

Take advantage of South Jordan City's current rebates and get up to $700 back.



2021 Rebates!

South Jordan City, with the support of Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District, is providing residents and businesses the opportunity to apply for rebate programs that encourage water conservation in and around the home. The water conservation programs consist of after-mail-in-rebates once the requirements of the chosen rebate are met.

 South Jordan City Water Conservation Rebate Programs are only valid for residents and businesses within South Jordan City boundaries except for the Landscape Irrigation Product Rebate (sprinkler controller rebate) which is provided and managed by Central Utah Water Conservancy District and available to Utah County and Salt Lake County.

For more information about the rebate programs listed or to submit rebate forms please contact South Jordan City Water Conservation Coordinator Jordan Allen at (801) 253-5203 Ext.1720 or through email at


Water-Wise Plant Rebate

Take advantage of up to a $300 rebate for water-wise plants when planted in an area irrigated with a drip system. Click the link below for the complete list of rules and the rebate form. 

Water-Wise Rebate Form

Free Rock Mulch for your Parkstrip 

Replace the thirsty grass in your parkstrip with a combination of beautiful rock mulch and water wise plants. 50% vegetation is required at maturity of the plants to abide by South Jordan City code.  In conjunction with the Water-Wise plant rebate and the Drip System Conversion Kits you can transform your parkstrip for little to no cost. Complete the request form and contact Jordan Allen, Water Conservation Coordinator to set up your free delivery at 801-253-5203 Ext. 1720. Program available from April 1st to October 15th. There will be no delivery BEFORE or AFTER program dates. 

Rock Mulch Request Form

Drip System Conversion Kits

We now offer drip system conversion kits. Each kit includes everything you need to convert your parkstrip from spray heads to drip irrigation. Converting zones such as a parkstrip from turf with overhead spray to a drip system and water wise plants will reduce water use by over 80% Click the link below for the form and rules, please contact Jordan Allen, Water Conservation Coordinator at 801-253-5203 Ext. 1720 to get a kit.  

Drip System Conversion Kit Form

Toilet Replacement Program Rebate

Replace an old high flush toilet with a new 1.28gpf or less and get up to $200 back when replacing two qualifying toilets. Click the link below for a complete list of rules and the rebate form.

Toilet Replacement Program Rebate Form

Indoor Water Fixture Rebate

Are you ready for a bathroom remodel? If you replace an old high flow shower head or faucet with a new water-sense fixture you could get up to $200 back. Click the link below for a complete list of rules and the rebate form. 

Indoor Water Fixture Rebate