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South Jordan City residents want to conserve water and are ready for change, according to over 500 responses to the recent water survey. The results provide great insights that will help guide the City’s water conservation program. Here are some interesting findings from the survey:

-          Availability of clean water is the most important issue to residents.

-          37% would like to see more water conservation rebates.

-          35% would like to see outdoor watering restrictions enforced.

-          16% feel we should limit the amount of residential grass.

-          Only 3% feel we should raise rates to promote water conservation.

There were many comments about the added cost of expanding rebates. South Jordan seeks out and is lucky to receive grants from other agencies to help fund rebate programs. Future additional rebates will hopefully continue to operate through these grant programs to minimize any financial impact on the City.

Respondents were also right on track when it came to effective ways to reduce their water use:  50% of respondents think the best way is by using a smart sprinkler controller, and 28% think grass should be replaced with low water use plants. Sixty percent of all water is used on outdoor landscaping, reducing water hungry grass and using a smart controller that only waters when it’s needed, will help reduce that number and increase customer savings.

With a charge from the Governor to reduce 25% by the year 2025 the city has been working hard to make sure this goal is met. South Jordan City has already reduced its gallons per capita per day (GPCD) by nearly 20%, but there is still work to be done. Survey respondents were asked about having grass in parkstrips:  over 82% said they would be willing to remove grass from their parkstrip and 83% said they would be willing to remove 20-50% grass from their overall landscape. This is great news for the conservation effort. While no one, including South Jordan City, wants to remove all grass from homes, we do want to minimize waste. Residents who are interested also indicated a desire for the City to assist in the replacement of grass from parkstrips and other areas. The City has committed to researching this and will look at all types of programs, rebates and options to make available in the near future.

Thank you again for completing the survey and giving us the opportunity to know what you want. By working together we can make the changes necessary to reach our conservation goals and ensure water availability into the future.


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