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Spring Landscape Checklist

Spring Landscape Checklist

1. Prep beds and garden. Remove winter mulch or work it into the soil if it has been well composted. Work in some new mulch if needed from fall leaves or even well-rotted manure.

Spring Wheel Barrow

2. Prune. Prune trees if they were not done in the winter. Make sure you prune branches before they begin to bud to avoid stress. For more tips on pruning visit

Pruning Tree

3. Mow and fertilize the lawn. Start the season with a fresh cut lawn and mulch the clippings to start the season off right. Also apply a pre-emergent fertilizer to ensure a healthy lawn that will last throughout the summer.

Lawn Mow

4. Landscape checkup. Make sure you give your entire landscape a good checkup and look for signs of wear on decks and hard surfaces that can become hazards. Look for signs of poor drainage in your yard as well that can cause problems when the spring rain comes.

Broom Sweeping

5. Check your sprinkling system. Each year people forget to winterize their system which can leave broken pipes and an inefficient system. Make sure you check each zone and make repairs and adjustments as needed.

Sprinklers Watering

6. Start your seeds indoors. There may still be some cold weather and damaging frost so start some of those early seeds inside.

Pots Plants

7. Plant some vegetables now. Potatoes, lettuce, onions, and other hardy veggies do well when started in cold weather so don’t wait too long.


8. Get your planting plan set. As your go through your landscape look for what it still needs and what to fill in those empty spots. Visit Jordan Valley Garden Park for ideas and don’t forget to take advantage of our Water-Wise Plant rebate.


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