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Are You Ready For Winter?

Snow Blower

Are You Ready for Winter?

Every year freezing temperatures and snow bring problems to homeowners throughout South Jordan City. Follow these simple tips to avoid the pains of cold weather:

1. Each year when we have freezing temperatures some people wake up to no water and frozen pipes. To keep your pipes from freezing follow these simple steps. First, make sure the main water line entering your house is not between the foundation and the insulation and is exposed to open air in your basement. Second, keep an eye on the temperature. When temperatures drop below zero consider leaving a faucet dripping. Moving water has a harder time freezing so even a little movement can keep your pipes clear. However, if you do find yourself without water do not hesitate to contact the South Jordan City water department at 801-253-5230 or for afterhours emergencies call 801-840-4000.

2. Remove your hoses. Make sure that you disconnect your hose from the hose bib to prevent it from freezing. Also look at picking up an insulated hose bib cover to further protect your pipes from freezing.

3. Clear your gutters. Heavy snow and ice can build up in clogged rain gutters causing them to fall or ice over. Take a few minutes before the snow falls to clear out leaves and other debris to make sure your gutters work well all winter long.

4. Wrap your water heater. As the temperatures drop so does your water heater efficiency. Consider purchasing a water heater blanket designed to keep heat in and the cold away. These blankets can keep energy costs down and increase the life of your water heater by not overworking it during the winter.

5. Get your snow tools ready. Don’t wait until after the first snow storm to look for your shovel and ice melt. Waiting until the snow storm to realize you need a new shovel can leave you with few options as supplies may be limited. Also, remember to park cars off the street during a snow storm to make room for the snow plows.

6. Stop drafty doors. It’s a good time to check the weather stripping around doors and pick up a few draft stoppers. According to ThermWiseÒ energy saving tips, new weather stripping can save $37 to $56 annually.

7. Have your furnace checked. While furnaces need relatively little maintenance it’s good to get them serviced at least once a year by a certified technician. This inspection can ensure safety throughout the winter and stop problems before they become hazardous. Don’t forget to change the filter to keep your furnace running smooth.


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12/19/2015 3:49am
No doubt their is too difficulties but enjoyable time. This is time when you spend your maximum time with your family.. :) Thanks

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