Where does our water come from?

In South Jordan, the culinary water is supplied by Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District, who gets it from Jordanelle, Deer Creek reservoir, and upper Provo River reservoirs.  Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District also supplements its water supplies by using wells throughout the valley. 

Water Conservation in our Community

Water is a precious natural resource. Water in our region is especially important because Utah is an arid region where water is not abundant. Efficient water management is critical to sustaining our ongoing population growth. Water conservation is not only about water savings, but a way of life that encourages everyone to protect this natural resource in and around our homes.

South Jordan has become a model to many cities in regards to population growth and economic development and is often described as one of the best cities to live in. Therefore, we must also be a community role model and be responsible to use water efficiently. In an effort to meet Utah's future water needs, South Jordan City has adopted a Water Conservation Plan with the goal to reduce water use by at least 25 percent per capita before the year 2025. In other words, it is a plan to lower the City's average daily water consumption (potable and secondary water) from 265 gallons per person per day (gpcd) to a constant 199 gpcd or less. The only way this goal can be reach is through our daily water conservation efforts.

Remember that "Every Drop Counts"